Finnwood Joins the Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016 #MMSHAKEDRILL

FINNWOOD Joins the Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016


Image by Rappler

       In compliance with the Metro Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MMDRRMC) and managed by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the Office of Civil Defense (OCD), and other agencies and stakeholders, FINNWOOD joins The Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016 aiming to promote and increase a culture of preparedness and awareness among Metro Manila residents for a possible 7.2 magnitude movement of the West Valley Fault. 

Finnwood employees participate in The Metro Manila Shakedrill 2016, June 22, 9:00am

       All companies are accountable in maintaining the safety of their employees in case of emergencies such as earthquake. An evacuation area and an emergency plan must be designed, a nearby safe area, preferably outdoor, where workers can get together after a fire or earthquake.