Rainy Days are Coming: Solution- FINNWOOD

Rainy Days are Coming: Solution- FINNWOOD

Most types of wood don't do well when exposed to rain. Other types need the preservation of a finish to protect them from rain and humidity, or else they quickly warp, crack and rot. The wood will not be damaged by the water, but if the wood is too wet when it is bound into a mass, it will be at risk of decay.

Moisture behavior of wood is the most necessary property of wood to understand to be able to seize and know how and why wood structures shall be built the way they shall be built.



Wood does not absorb water immediately from surfaces parallel to its linear cells – in other words, rain falling on the face of lumber or a panel will generally only wet the surface of the piece, and this moisture can dry easily. However, water is taken up more quickly on the ends of pieces. If possible, ends of lumber and panels should be more carefully protected from water uptake. Any wood sitting in a pool of water will eventually absorb some of it through any face, and this is a particular problem for planks. Wood swells, because the walls of the cell pipes absorb water causing it to expand.


Finnwood Pressure-treated lumber is wood that has been immersed in a liquid preservative and place in a pressure chamber. This water-based wood preservative contains copper and proven organic biocides that when impregnated into the timber, the components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed. This treatment gives an added built-in weathering protection property preventing it from decay and rot, even and low moisture content of wood - minimal settlement & deformations such as swelling, warping, cupping and crowning that helps maintain the dimensional stability of the treated timbers.

Tanalith E is one sample of wood preservative that is approved by the relevant regulatory authorities in the markets. The biocides contained in TANALITH E wood preservatives are being supported under the Biocidal Products Regulation proven as an alternative to traditional Chromate/ Copper/ Arsenate (CCA) which is banned in Europe due to the harmful effect of excessive exposure to Arsenate that is a human carcinogen which can cause cancer.

Why choose FINNWOOD?

Arctic-Forest Products, Inc. is a local company promoting and selling strong and slowly grown Finnwood materials from Finland and other countries.

Our vision is, "To be the number one solution provider of quality sustainable wood and composite, structural and finishing materials in the Philippines", offering durability that comes from the age of the wood (Pine Trees age 75 to 100 years prior to cutting) that is able to last a long time with proper preservation and maintenance.

Finnwood offers a variety of wood product such as Pressure Treated Timbers, Natural Panels, Sawn Timber, WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) and Structural GluLam Timber. They can be used internal or external applications like wall cladding and paneling, eaves, ceiling, decking, louvers, trellises, railings and even furniture providing stable and well-founded outputs.

We also offer Kontio prefabricated log houses from the biggest industrial log house factory in the world at the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland.


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