Finnwood Products

Finnwood Products


Arctic-Forest Products, Inc. is a local company promoting and selling strong and slowly grown Finnwood materials from Finland and other countries.

Our vision is, "To be the number one solution provider of quality sustainable wood and composite, structural and finishing materials in the Philippines", offering durability that comes from the age of the wood (Pine Trees age 75 to 100 years prior to cutting) that is able to last a long time with proper preservation and maintenance.


Finnwood offers a variety of wood product such as Pressure Treated Timbers, Natural Panels, Sawn Timber, WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) and Structural GluLam Timber. They can be used internal or external applications like wall cladding and paneling, eaves, ceiling, decking, louvers, trellises, railings and even furniture providing stable and well-founded outputs.

We also offer Kontio® prefabricated log houses from the biggest industrial log house factory in the world located at the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland.




Pressure Treated

Wood is a great building material. It is strong, light-weight, easily worked with tools and relatively inexpensive. The only problem with wood is that many varieties of bacteria, fungi and insects find it appetizing. When wood is in contact with the ground or moisture for any period of time, these organisms attack the wood. Untreated woods like pine will only last a year or two if it is touching the ground.

Pressure-treated lumber is wood that has been immersed in a liquid preservative and place in a pressure chamber. This water-based wood preservative contains copper and proven organic biocides that when impregnated into the timber, the components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed. This treatment gives an added built-in weathering protection property that helps maintain the dimensional stability of the treated timbers and is usually specified for both in and out of ground contact applications where there is a medium to high risk of decay or insect attack giving it an effective long-term protection. Tanalith E is one sample of wood preservative that is approved by the relevant regulatory authorities in the markets. The biocides contained in TANALITH E wood preservatives are being supported under the Biocidal Products Regulation proven as an alternative to traditional Chromate/ Copper/ Arsenate (CCA) which is banned in Europe due to the harmful effect of excessive exposure to Arsenate that is a human carcinogen which can cause cancer.

The process of treating timber is initially vacuuming and withdrawing the air from the timber. The cylindrical chambers are then filled with the wood preservative and adding brown colorant, if required. The chamber forces the chemical into the wood fibers. Hydraulic pressure is applied forcing the preservative deep to the core of each piece of wood – it is more effective than simply soaking the wood in the chemical. Then the final vacuum extracts the excess preservative solution which is pumped back to storage. Treated timbers are left to dry in accordance of the guidelines. 


Natural Timber

(Non-Treated and Treated)

All our Finnwood Timbers are Kiln Dry (KD) before processing a particular profile. 

Kiln drying is a process for the removal of moisture from timber through the use of heat and airflow in a controlled environment. Properly dried timber can be cut to precise dimensions and machined more easily and efficient. Wood parts can be more securely fitted and fastened together with nails, screws, bolts and adhesives.

Warping, splitting, checking and other harmful effects of uncontrolled drying are largely eliminated. Paint, varnish and other finishes are more effectively applied and maintained. Decay hazards are eliminated if the wood is subsequently treated or protected from excessive moisture regain.

Locally-treated lumber has been immersed in a liquid preservative to protect the wood from mold and insects. 



Structural GluLam Timber


Northern timber grows slowly under a very formidable condition, which makes it an excellent and durable raw material for building purposes. FINNWOOD Structural GluLam Timber manufactured from solid, densely-grained pine timbers from Finland, contains a wide range of different glued timber products for the log home industry and construction. The products comprise two or more pieces glued together either vertically or horizontally in accordance with the customer's demands. 

Glued laminated timber, also called GluLam, is a type of structural timber product comprising a number of layers of dimensioned timber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesive.

In Laminated logs that are usually used for log houses, the heartwood is always on the outer surface of the log, which decreases warpage or other shape alterations in the log. The weather-durability of the logs is also excellent and the surface retains its beautiful appearance for decades.

By laminating a number of smaller pieces of lumber, a single large, strong, structural timber is manufacture. These structural timbers are used as vertical colums or horizontal beams, as well as curved, arched shapes. Glulam is readily produced in curved shapes and it is available in a range of species and appearance characteristics to meet varied end-use requirements.
FINNWOOD Structural GluLam Timbers are warm and breathing building materials. Wood naturally has the ability to bind and expel moisture while retaining its thermal insulation properties. Wood is the only building material that fulfils the criteria for sustainable development. That is why it is the material of choice for many builders.



WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite)

Rain and the ultra violet rays of the sun combined makes the environment for outdoor building materials much tougher than indoors. Requiring expensive ground preparation and cold to the touch, stone and ceramic tiles were for a long time the only choice for outdoor terraces and patios. The natural feel of wood, and its ease of construction led to a growth in timber decking, but few people enjoy the annual maintenance required to keep it looking good. Composite decking (also known as WPC or Wood Plastic Composite decking) seemed to offer the solution: natural to the touch, easy to install, and requiring minimal maintenance.

Finnwood Composite deckings such as Select Deck (Oak Fibre) and Profi Deck (Label Stock Fibre) are made by combining fibres with polymers (polypropylene). Additives (eg for colour, uv protection, and improved bonding) enhance the performance of the products. As much as the fibre and polymer content obtained from recycled materials, composite decking can offer an ecologically sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods.

However there are differences in composition of WPC defending on manufacturers. Therefore an oil test is one critical test to check the applicability of the product. After the test, no oil mark should be left on the surface.


Sawn Timber

Scots Pine is a straight-trunked coniferous tree with no branches on the lower trunk. It usually grows in a well-lighted, dry place or in soil which is low in nutrients letting it grow slowly and making it more durable due to the 75-100 years prior to cutting. Pine timber is easy to work with and has clearly distinct darker heartwood and yellowish or reddish white sapwood.

Sawn timber is originally the raw material for all of other Finnwood timber products before it’s processed. Pine timber is dried and graded using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and careful control carried out by skilled employees. This is done according to the requirements of each end use. Good drying, precise dimensions, sustainability and durability are the strengths of our pine timber products.

Finnwood Sawn timbers are timber that is cut from logs into different sizes. It is generally cut into varying rectangular widths and lengths. The timbers are sawn individually and accurately to ensure that the product meets the best characteristics of wood relatively with minimal disposal. Dense grain structure, a large proportion of heartwood compared to other makes the wood workability and strength properties excellent. High quality standard and special sawn products are well suited for the construction and industrial raw material.