Green Building Ideas

Rainy Days are Coming: Solution- FINNWOOD

Most types of wood don't do well when exposed to rain. Other types need the preservation of a finish to protect them from rain and humidity, or else they quickly warp, crack and rot. The wood will not be damaged by the water, but if the wood is too wet when it is bound into a mass, it will be at risk of decay...

Finnwood Products

Arctic-Forest Products, Inc. is a local company promoting and selling strong and slowly grown Finnwood materials from Finland and other countries...

Architecture 2030: Green architecture goals

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Limitless Wood

There are two conceptions about wood which are broken open in this discussion by a truly green architect, Michael Green.  First, what are the limits of building height for wooden buildings?  Second, how can architects increase carbon sequestration by trees in their wood so that we can see more carbon stored in our residential and commercial buildings?