About The Company

Two Reasons for Founding Arctic Forest Products, the Company

Our company originated out of two needs of the wood market in the Philippines.

One, the local logging industry is restricted due to overharvesting and depleted forest reserves.  

Two, there is a large unmet need for beautiful, durable and affordable wood products which can be used outdoors or indoors.

Finnish Wood for Finishing Your Home or Business Construction

The best type of wood to meet these needs are from Finnish pine trees, which are harvested at the average age of 70 years for high density (hard texture) and beautiful wood grain.  

Furthermore, the standards for outdoor use of pine have finally matured to a pressure treatment chemical and physical process that is environmentally friendly and produces a beautiful brown color (rather than green).  These methods are practiced following European standards in Finland's lumber processing mills.

Locally available pine products are typically sourced from timber farms in Australia and New Zealand, and are locally treated.  With a warmer climate, Australian and New Zealand farms produce larger trees more quickly, but the wood quality is softer with wider growth rings.

Given the age of trees and milling standards in Finland, Finnish Pine is the best alternative for the Philippine market.

The State of Philippine Rainforests

The logging industry in the Philippines thrived in the past on its hardwood varieties. Today, it is threatened with the wanton destruction of our rainforest by increasingly problematic forestry practices. One of the biggest threats is illegal logging, as local hardwood varieties were harvested without thought of the consequences of such activities to our ecosystem.

Currently in the Philippines, most hardwoods are not allowed to grow to maturity before being harvested.  Local hardwood is used in a variety ways, sometimes as construction materials, but also used in furniture making, decorations and home accessories as well as other household items for the tourist market.  The younger trees are not as hard as the old growth lumber was in the past, and many say the finished wood does not look as beautiful.  

Arctic-Forest Products, Inc. Meets the Need for Wood in the Philippines

Upon discovering this state of affairs, a Finnish engineer trained to build beautiful log houses, saunas, and large laminated structures pursued the idea that Finnish pinewood is the best viable alternative to the local variety of hardwood in the Philippines.  He knew he could make it affordable even after importation if he sells it direct to customers.  He began a family business to test the market acceptance, the capabilities for importation, as well as the wood itself in tropical conditions.

The result is Arctic-Forest Products, Inc., which has been thriving since 2008.

Before establishing Arctic-Forest in partnership with Filipino partners, the family had already tested Finnish pinewood's quality and durability in the country's pre-existing environmental conditions, building both inddors and outdoors.  He was first to build with these products in the year 2000 when pinewood from Finland was first imported to the country.

In 2005, an enterprising group built a log cabin in the Tagaytay Highlands and as a testimony to Finnish pine's durability and quality, that log cabin is still in excellent condition up to this day.

That enterprising group of builders, recognizing the distinctive performance of the Finnish pine, decided to form the ARCTIC-FOREST PRODUCTS, INC in 2008 to import pinewood from Finland and install them for purpose of constructing decks and other outdoor applications as well as interior wall and ceiling paneling.

Through the years, Arctic-Forest has expanded its business and offers a variety of applications, the perfect complement to your dream house. 

For environmentally-concious Filipinos, Finnish pinewood is a perfect solution to the illegal logging business as it provides an amazing alternative to the commonly used local hardwood. Of course, one would wonder if they've exchanged one ecological disaster to another, as this would encourage the logging of wood in the forest of Finland.  Not so!


                                         A large forest of conifers stands in the northern European country of Finland.


One could put their worries to rest, as Finland is one of the most heavily forested regions in Europe. As a matter of fact, eighty-six percent of Finland's land area is covered in forest. Also Finland is blessed with an above average forest growth, with a million cubic meters worth growth in a day. For over thirty years now, the growth of Finnish forest has clearly exceeded the volume that is removed from the forest naturally and through harvesting.

As such, our eco-concious customers have nothing to worry about if they switch to Finnish pinewood. Arctic-Forest Products, Inc. offers a diverse line of Finnish pinewood products, which could be natural, pressure treated, strip bamboo composite and wood plastic composite.

Please see the pictures of our successfully built applications in the Philippines.  The main applications include wall cladding, wall & ceiling paneling, ceiling and eaves, decking, louvers, trellis, railings and gates, composite decking, and log houses.  We also accept a variety of requests to build accessories,  like tables, benches and garden sets.

Arctic-Forest Products, Inc. ensure the quality of its Finnish pinewood by partnering with the most trusted name in the industry like UPM-Kymmene Corporation, one of the world's largest timber company and Kontiotuate Oy, manufacturer of Kontio log houses and is the biggest log house factory in the world.

Today, Arctic-Forest Products, Inc. facilitates ongoing expansion into the world of wood industry in the Philippines. Our company's vision is to be “the number one solution provider of quality sustainable wood and composite finishing materials in the Philippines”.